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Recent content by bugssy

  1. bugssy


    after i left my side many years ago i started up again today with a new side, bunch of bad players but after i picked up 1 ok player did some training and re arranged the order we have come out with a good win, hitting 2 - 292 of our 50 we then restricted the visitors to be all out for 223 with...
  2. bugssy

    Hey Guys

    i have not been around for a long time but i am back so just saying gday and look forward to meeting all the new and hopefully seeing some of the old peeps online.
  3. bugssy

    Hello Again

    Well hey guys, some may know me and some will not, have not been on here for a while but good to see some ol faces still in here. alot has changed in my life and i am know on 120 acres in the southern highlands of nsw, and loving it. im back on here after some long time away and just wanted to...
  4. bugssy

    Hello pps

    Well guys im back, been a while a very long time however i have returned. Have i missed anything lol :P hopefully all my old buddies are still around.
  5. bugssy

    Sorry guys

    NSW manager bugsy malone has called it a day as at the moment guys i just dont have enough time with work getting really busy with my role expanding and home life hectic with family and charity. i do appoligioez as simon has done a wonderful job and i have been part of wcc since the very...
  6. bugssy

    hey guys

    good win by nsw. i am without internet as optus stuffed up our home lines. in the process of getting it all sorted and i am off work for 4 days so as soon as i get the net fixed at home i will be back in here. just letting you all know. cheers
  7. bugssy

    Wcc Media Thread

    All current events and top stories to be posted in here, for media release.
  8. bugssy

    Any one who knows (med question)

    My little girl, Kyra was born at 26 weeks gestation. 14 weeks early had an ivh grade 4 brain bleed left side. Has been going ok was sick last fortnight. Todat at 2.45pm i get a phone call from mum, kyra had a seizure in her sleep and was rushed to hospital where she contiued to have a seizure...
  9. bugssy

    England sack Duncan Fletcher

    News Flash In breaking news, the England cricket board have just conducted there press confrence with news that Duncan Fletcher has been sacked with immediate effect from the head coaching job with the England cricket team, as news comes to hand we are led to believe that the announcemnt of the...
  10. bugssy

    Player Requests

    If any player wants to see any thing this is where you can request and i will get it posted up. any thing at all on the league, club tables etc. match performances etc.
  11. bugssy

    Qld Residents

    Guys need some help. May be transfering up into brisbane somewhere with work and i will be moving the family up into yes qld. Working in or near brisbane what would be some good suburbs to buy/rent .
  12. bugssy

    nsw manager away on leave!

    i am away from today till the 2nd of feb.. i have named the team for the up coming games however if roseboy would like to get intouch with me before tomorrow night when we leave i will email roseboy team info if he needs it or tharmi can just go off teams names all ready or 1st xi sorry for my...
  13. bugssy

    quite scary

    Two found dead at central NSW home January 06, 2008 01:12pm Article from: AAPFont size: + - Send this article: Print Email TWO people have been found dead in suspicious circumstances at a NSW central coast home, NSW Ambulance says. Ambulance crews were called to an address at Macquarie Grove...
  14. bugssy

    Media and Pres releases

    Where the media will leave stories , rumors and other pieces of interesting articles,. Players feel free to leave any piece of interesting writing.
  15. bugssy

    International News (2008)

    All international news scores results and any other piece of news you want to know will be found in here.